2020 Candidates

Get to know the candidates for Montana community seats

Vote Democrat for equal opportunity, living wages, a clean environment, affordable healthcare.

Listed below are the Democratic candidates running for election in Montana local, state and federal seats that represent residents of Yellowstone County. Learn more about each candidate and get out the VOTE!


Joe Biden

Candidate for President

Steve Bullock

Candidate for Senate

Kathleen Williams

Candidate for Congress


Mike Cooney

Candidate for Governor

Casey Schreiner

Lieutenant Governor

Raph Graybill

Candidate for Attorney General of Montana

Bryce Bennett

Candidate for Secretary of State

Shane Morigeau

Candidate for State Auditor

Melissa Romano

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Valerie McMurtry

Candidate for Public Service Commission Destrict 2

Legislative & Local

Daryl S Wilson

Yellowstone County Commissioner

Rae Peppers

Senate District 21

Jen Gross

Senate District 25

Margie MacDonald

Senate District 26

Kris Spanjian

House District 40

Sharon Stewart-Peregoy

House District 42

Terry Dennis

House District 44

Zach Ladson

House District 46

Kathy Kelker

House District 47

Jessica Karjala

House District 48

Emma Kerr-Carpenter

House District 49

Jade Bahr

House District 50

Anne Giuliano

House District 51

Hannah Olson

House District 52

Ryan Thomsen

House District 54

Get to know the Candidates - Video interviews