Breakfast Club Welcomes Seguin Strohmeier and Sascha Stark, Voter Protection, Montana Democratic Party

Please welcome Seguin Strohmeier and Sascha Stark, Voter Protection, Montana Democratic Party

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A note from Sacha:

Thank you to everyone who has reached out. The results are, obviously, not what I wanted, but I’m tremendously proud of my team and all the work we did. It is always worth it to fight for people’s access to the ballot and ability to exercise their right to vote. It it always worth it to work toward fair, well-administered elections. There are hundreds—perhaps thousands—of Montanans who either voted at all or had an easier time voting because of the work my team did.

Running this year’s MT Dems Voter Protection Program has been the highlight of my career so far. I’m so grateful to my staff and to the >350 volunteers who jumped into the fray with us, but most of all I am grateful to the Montanans of all background who trusted us to help them vote.

Some of the people we talked to were brand-new registrants eligible to vote for the first time, some had lived through the last pandemic. People called us from universities, reservations, nursing homes. We helped people who just needed to be put in touch with their counties to get their issues sorted out, and we helped people when their county elections officials couldn’t or wouldn’t (or told them they should just give up on the idea of voting this year).

The majority of voters in Montana did not vote for who I wanted them to vote for. But I’m very glad that so many Montanans got the chance to vote.

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Nov 11 2020


7:30 am - 8:30 pm
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