Meet Steve Charter

Please welcome Steve Charter, Montana rancher. 
Wednesday, June 24th, 7:30 am via Zoom

Steve Charter, a third-generation rancher, hails from north of Billings, Montana, where the fourth and fifth generations also live on the ranch. Steve was invited to attend the first Allan Savory School in Montana in 1981. Steve and his wife Jean helped found the Center for Holistic Resource Management and started a management club to help learn how to implement these practices.

In 2013, Steve and his family started experimenting with other regenerative practices to build soil carbon, including creating vermicast and compost to jumpstart biological activity on their semi-arid rangeland. In addition to directly spraying biological extract on the land they are exploring ways to use livestock to apply the biology. He also uses cover crops to help build the soil.

Steve Charter is changing the narrative about agriculture. “When you use fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, over-till and overgraze, you mess up the entire relationship of the soil and the plant,” said Steve. “Healthy soil is just the basics of everything.”

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