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Together We Can Do Anything


Your support goes to fund the infrastructure and supplies needed to make calls, write letters, organize events and more. Please consider making a generous donation to the Yellowstone County Democrats today!

Join in on Meetings

The Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee meetings are open to the public and a great way to learn more about current organization activities. We'd love for you to join us on the third Wednesday of each month. Please contact for additional information.

Help Knock on Doors and Make Calls

There’s no better method proven to get people to the polls than canvassing and speaking with voters directly. Unlike a conversation on a social media platform, a face-to-face interaction is deeply personal. Two Montanans having a respectful conversation on a doorstep are more likely to find common ground.

Become a Precinct Captain

Democratic Party Precinct Committee Persons or Precinct Captains (PCs) are the party’s grassroots. The PCs represent their neighbors to the party and the party to their neighbors. As a PC, you have a voice and vote in the party when we make decisions that affect your community. Please complete the form on this page for additional information.

In any year, whether there’s an election or not, your help can make a real difference!


Join Us

36th Annual Harry S Truman Democratic Dinner

Enjoy an evening of great conversation, fun prizes, and celebration of our Democratic values a our annual fundraiser dinner and auction!