3 Things You Can Do – Tell the legislature what’s right for Montana!

If you’ve never submitted a comment to the state legislature, this is the year to start, and in three easy steps:

Step 1: Pick a bill

Actually, pick all the bills, but if you only have time to read a few, here’s three to start:

  1. Oppose HB 361, Provide that the use of a name and sex by a student is not discrimination 
  2. Support SB 141, Create an Indigenous People’s Day
  3. Support the Current Redistricting Plan

For more upcoming, visit the volunteer calendar and click on any of the orange events to read up on the bills prioritized by Montana Democrats and other coalition groups.

Step 2: Write your comment

  • Introduce yourself as a constituent from your city or legislative district.
  • State whether you are asking for the committee to support or oppose the bill, and then
  • Provide your reasons why

Use the talking points provided for inspiration to write in your reasons in your own words. Especially include a personal story relevant to the topic to support your cause.

Step 3: Send it in!

Go to https://leg.mt.gov/public-testimony/, select your bill, and fill out the form to submit your comments.

Comments must be submitted by 5pm the business day BEFORE the hearing to be included in the record.

For example, if you want to submit a comment on a bill that’s scheduled for a committee hearing on Monday, you need to send your comments by 5PM the Friday before. If the hearing is on Tuesday, send comments by 5PM Monday.

If you’d like email notifications from Montana Democrats on priority bills each week, email Ethan Smith at ethan@montanademocrats.org and ask to be added to the Legislative Action Alerts.

Thank you for all your support! Together we *are* the blue wave! 


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