3 Things You Can Do – This Week, it Takes a Crowd

1. “Crowd It” Planning Meeting

With our first action under our belt, this meeting is to review what worked and what’s coming up next.

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Return to Billings City Council

We need you back at City Council on Monday, February 27 at 5:30 pm.  Find out more details at this meeting!

2. Thank our Legislators Card Writing Party

Let’s get together, have fun and send some good vibes to Helena. We’ve heard over and over from our representatives how much our calls, emails and letters help encourage and give fresh energy, so we want to send these out in time to land on their desks right before they go on break for the transmittal in March.

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3.  Role with it

We need help with several roles – in both committee leadership and support roles, so there’s something to fit every personality type.

Email communications@yellowstonedemocrats.org with anything you’d like to join, and we’ll get you in touch with the right chairs.

  • Legislative trackers to help with updating volunteers on priority bills
  • Precinct Captains to help with keeping your neighborhood Dems active
  • Truman Dinner planners (on for May 20, 2023)
  • Fundraising committee members

Also, do you have experience running or modding for a discord server? Jenna and Melissa are learning as we go, but sure would love some help from anyone who knows more than us. 


Join Us

36th Annual Harry S Truman Democratic Dinner

Enjoy an evening of great conversation, fun prizes, and celebration of our Democratic values a our annual fundraiser dinner and auction!