Could Montana Gain a Second Congressional Seat?

Redistricting After the 2020 Census

With over 1 million people and growing, Montana’s single House seat is the biggest congressional district in the country. But the 2020 Census may spell change for Montana’s national representation. How likely is it that the state will gain an additional seat? And what would this mean for Montana’s future?

Sponsored by: League of Women Voters Montana
Hosted by:  The Brennan Center for Justice

For three decades, Montana has been represented by a single seat in the House of Representatives. But this could soon change: population projections suggest that the state may gain a second seat after the 2020 Census is completed. Montana is one of the few states with a redistricting commission. This bipartisan commission, which draws state legislative maps once a decade, would also be charged with the task of dividing the state into two congressional districts.

What impact could this have on the future of Montana and its residents? How might the state be fairly divided into two districts? How effectively have Montana’s redistricting commissions accomplished this task and the drawing of legislative districts in the past? And what can we learn from redistricting controversies in other states?

Join redistricting expert Peter Miller — who grew up in Billings, Montana — as he explores these questions in a virtual presentation. Following the presentation, members of Montana’s 2020 Districting and Apportionment Commission will join Miller to answer questions submitted by attendees.

This event is produced in partnership with The League of Women Voters Montana and the Brennan Center for Justice


Moderator: Nancy Leifer [], President, League of Women Voters Montana

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Aug 20 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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