Democratic Breakfast Study Club: Steve Held

Wednesday, March 27, 7:30 am via Zoom, Steve Held, Candidate for US Congress
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Rancher Held Throws Hat In Ring To Represent Montanans In Congress

Fourth-generation Montana rancher and businessman Steve Held is running for U.S. House of Representatives in Montana’s 2nd Congressional District as a Democrat. Held is running for office to get things done, clean up corruption, pass a farm bill that supports family farmers and ranchers, and be an actual representative for Montanans in Washington, D.C. He welcomes the opportunity to challenge any of the potential Republican nominees on his home turf, particularly either self-serving carpetbagger Matt Rosendale or career politician and lobbyist Denny Rehberg in the general election.

“I’m running to bring actual representation back to Montanans living in the eastern congressional district and passing a farm bill that works for family farmers and ranchers, not just big agribusinesses and corporations. Whenever you can’t tell the difference between a rodeo clown and your elected representative it’s time for a change. Let’s take Montana back from the self-serving corrupt politicians in order to protect our family farms and ranches, seniors, children, businesses, and our way of life,” said Held.

He agrees with the vast majority of Montanans and Americans on privacy, solving the immigration crisis, keeping politicians out of the doctor’s office, lowering prescription drug prices and healthcare cost, addressing climate change, putting an end to the middle class tax burden, helping each other as neighbors, and finally, to leave a clean, safe world for future generations.

Held recognizes and celebrates the diversity of Montana by promising to be a strong advocate and partner to our state’s tribal nations and Native American communities. At 63, he had never registered with a political party until, frustrated with American politics, he filed to run as a Democrat. He understands we can disagree without hating each other.

“It’s called the United States of America for a good reason. We respect the Constitution and the rule of law. We aren’t afraid of anything and we’re all in it together. Protect your freedoms by supporting Montana Held,” concluded Held. Those interested in learning more and supporting Steve Held can donate through his website at

Steve is a fourth generation Montana rancher and businessman, and the father of twins. His daughter, Rikki, is currently serving in The Peace Corps in Kenya and was one of the youth plaintiffs demanding our government follow the Constitution and restore Montanans’ constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment in Held v. Montana. His son, Jaeger, is a military historian currently working for the Department of Interior. Steve’s late mother, Jean Hough, was Woman of the Year for the Montana United Church of Christ and his late father, Cap Hough, was the mayor of Broadus. In his first rodeo at age 3, the best times of Steve’s youth were hunting with his dad and working livestock.

Before returning to Broadus in 2005, Steve served on the National Board of Directors for the Screen Actors Guild Union in Hollywood where he was among the 12% of actors who actually made a living. He is also a licensed pilot and certified scuba diver, with a CDL and parachute jumps. He traveled to every state in the Union before age 23 and knows Montana will always be his home.


Mar 27 2024


7:30 am - 8:30 pm

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