Democratic Breakfast Study Club: John Repke, Candidate for MT State Auditor

Wednesday, May 15, 7:30 am via Zoom, John Repke, Candidate for Montana State Auditor

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Repke studied finance at Ohio State University and the University of Denver, where he earned an MBA. His professional experience includes nine years with Waste Management and nine years with Havi Group, LLP, a supply chain management company. Most recently, he was the chief financial officer of a sustainable wood products manufacturer in Columbia Falls. He retired from SmartLam, LLC, in 2021.

Repke and his wife, Beth, moved to Whitefish full-time in 2014. He’s taught business classes for local organizations including Flathead Valley Community College, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Economic Development Office and Lake County Community Development Corporation.

Repke is married with three children and two grandchildren.

Why I’m running for State Auditor

The insurance market in our state is changing – and not for the better. Montanans seeking insurance are having an increasingly tough time obtaining insurance or avoiding cancellation. And when they can get insurance, they are seeing skyrocketing rates in all areas – health, auto, home. But insurance isn’t a luxury. You can’t drive to work without auto insurance, you can’t buy a house without home insurance (and if you rent, you’re paying your landlord’s home insurance in your monthly rent bill), and you’re at risk of bad health outcomes — or even bankruptcy — if you lack adequate health insurance. The bottom line: insurance is necessary, but it’s increasingly harder to get and it keeps getting more expensive.

The most important responsibility of the State Auditor is to ensure Montana families and businesses have access to reliable insurance at fair rates. In fact, the Montana Code states the Auditor “shall administer the department to ensure that the interests of insurance consumers are protected.” The Auditor also protects Montanans against unscrupulous financial advisors and fraudulent investment schemes. The State Auditor office is all about consumer protection. The office is fortunate to have a dedicated professional staff but must have a leader who knows how and is committed to fighting for everyday Montanans.

That leader is me. During my 40-year business career, I helped manage organizations with complex financial matters. I know how to make sure Montanans are getting a fair deal, and I know how to spot financial fraud. I support public policies that benefit the Montana insurance consumer.

Unfortunately, my opponent stands for the opposite. Indeed, his record is contrary to the job’s essential function of protecting consumers. As Chair of Montana’s Public Service Commission my opponent stuck Montanans with a whopping 24% increase in their electric rates (25% increase to small businesses) and staffed the agency with his cronies – and as a lawyer, he worked for and defended dark money organizations. Now he wants to get into your insurance matters and stop fraud???

I’m running to see that doesn’t happen. I am the ONLY candidate for State Auditor with the independence, political will and commitment to stand up for everyday folks and small businesses in Montana. Folks who need a strong voice representing them against the out of state corporate and lobbying interests that currently have the upper hand. Everyday folks who are being squeezed out by high home prices, spikes in utility bills, untenable medical bills, rapidly rising property taxes, and … yes … increases in insurance premiums.

My promise to you if elected as Montana’s next State Auditor is to fight to protect ordinary Montanans and their pocketbooks as they face the complex and necessary world of insurance.


May 15 2024


7:30 am - 8:30 pm

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