Meet & Greet Fundraiser in Support of Justice Ingrid Gustafson

The Bonogovsky Family Invites You to a Campaign Meet & Greet Fundraiser in Support of Justice Ingrid Gustafson

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You have a very clear choice in the 2022 Montana Supreme Court race, the most important vote you will cast in the general election on November 8, 2022.

Justice Ingrid Gustafson is seeking re-election to Montana’s highest court. In her nearly 20 years of judicial experience, the last five on the Montana Supreme Court, she has handled 1000s of cases and earned a reputation for being impartial and fair. She is non-partisan as required by Montana law and works hard to keep politics out of the courtroom.

Justice Gustafson has engaged in bettering our Montana community—starting and operating a drug court; piloting a child welfare court; serving on Yellowstone County’s Park Board, as President of the Amend Park Development Board, and as Big Sky State Games Soccer Commissioner; and decades-long coaching and mentoring youth soccer players and serving as a high school and collegiate soccer referee. She cares deeply about Montana and Montanans.

Justice Gustafson’s opponent, Jim Brown, is a career lobbyist and a partisan politician who advocates for and benefits from out-of-state, large corporate money to promote his candidacy. In the recent primary, over $300,000 of dark money was spent by out-of-state corporations to buy Brown a place on the general ballot. Although Montana law forbids judicial candidates from seeking partisan endorsements, Brown flouts these laws by participating in partisan events and accepting partisan endorsements. He has no experience as a judge and has no meaningful experience before the Montana Supreme Court.

Please donate $700.00, the legal limit, or whatever amount your family can afford by donating online at or with a personal check at the event. If you prefer, please send a check written to Gustafson for Montana, 626 Lavender Street, Billings, MT 59106.

If you are willing to be listed as a person who endorses Justice Gustafson’s candidacy to be re-elected to the Montana Supreme Court in 2022, please send an email to …


Jul 13 2022


6:00 pm


2905 Montana Ave Billings, MT 59101


Alexis Bonogovsky
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