Get to know Kathleen Williams, Candidate for Congress

Kathleen Williams is a three-term state legislator, sportswoman, music lover, and most recently, candidate for Montana’s at-large seat in the United States House of Representatives. She’s a proven fighter with a 36-year career in natural resource planning and policy. During Kathleen’s six years representing eastern Gallatin County in the Montana State Legislature, she passed bills that created 200 new small businesses in just three years, required insurers to stop denying care to cancer patients, and protected Montana businesses from being sued by their investors for not making decisions exclusively to maximize profit.
After her service in the legislature, Kathleen stepped up to run for Montana’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. She came the closest of any candidate in more than 20 years to unseating an incumbent in that office. Now, Kathleen is running once again to bring her work ethic, integrity, and proven record of policy success to Congress, and she’s confident 2020 is her year.

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