HB 233, Require the refund of residential lease applications

What: HB 233, Require the refund of residential lease applications

Position: Support

Action: HB 233 was tabled in committee, preventing further discussion and action on the bill.  Reach out to your State House Representative to bring HB 233 to a vote on the floor and support it.  Look up and get contact info for your representative here.

Talking Points:

  • In the last few years, there has been an unprecedented demand to live in Montanana and competition for housing and rentals has skyrocketed.
  • Many property management companies charge a fee for applying for rental properties.  The search for a rental can cost more than a month’s rent just in application fees.  
  • Property management companies can pocket the money from application fees from the dozens of applications they often receive for a rental.  
  • HB 233 will refund these applications to those not awarded a place to live, minus the cost of actual services like background checks, putting money back in renters’ pockets. 

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