Kimberly Dudik Interview

Kimberly Dudik is a proven reformer and fighter for everyday Montanans. She has served Montanans for 8 years in the Montana House of Representatives championing initiatives that reform public safety, guard communities from sex offenders, safeguard vulnerable populations (especially children), reform criminal justice, and hold bad actors accountable.

She has been an attorney for nearly 18 years, serving approximately 6 years on the frontlines as an Assistant Attorney General and Deputy County Attorney, holding offenders accountable and ensuring community safety. She has protected workers’ rights, represented crime victims, and ensured child safety as a Montana attorney in her private law practice.

Her legal experience includes enforcing justice as a substitute municipal court judge and Montana Supreme Court law clerk. Kimberly’s legal knowledge is complemented by her work serving Montana communities as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and registered nurse specializing in neonatal intensive care prior to becoming an attorney.

Facebook: Kimberly Dudik
Twitter: @DudikKimberly
Instagram: Kimberlydudik