March 8 – International Women’s Day

We are the party of trail-blazing women. We are committed to securing equal opportunities in education, employment, and leadership for every woman and to ensuring safe, healthy, and nurturing environments for all women. To achieve these goals, women must have an equitable role, not only in determining local, state, and national policies, but also in allocating resources to meet the needs of families and communities.

We support: 

● Swift, unbiased, and fair grievance procedures, as well as protections against retaliation, for all victims of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment and for the whistleblowers on these crimes. 

● The equal application to women of the inalienable rights delineated in the constitutions of our state and nation. 

● A woman’s right and ability to make personal decisions regarding contraception and reproductive health, as well as the right to provide or receive services related to those choices in a safe, accessible environment.  

● Funding for reproductive and family planning education and STI/AIDS prevention.  

● Active recruitment of women for leadership roles in public office and in the Democratic Party. 

● Equal access for women of all ages to training, jobs, and promotions and efforts to ensure equal pay for equal work. 

● Programs and services to address the unique needs of women as primary caregivers for children and the elderly in regard to health care, housing, child support, child care, job training, education, and other public benefits. 

● Efforts to address and end violence against women — including domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, bullying, stalking, and sexual harassment — through education, early and ongoing intervention, and funding for direct services. 

● Paid family leave. 

● Adequ ate funding for victim advocate programs in every community.

● Addressing the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Montana.

● The rights and recognition of transgender women as women.

We oppose:

● Efforts to restrict or eliminate a woma’s right to make decisions about reproduction and childbirth. 

● Efforts to restrict access to services related to such decisions.

● Efforts to fund crisis pregnancy centers engaging in deceptive practices or disseminating false and misleading medical information.


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