NEW SERIES: The MTGOP’s Misplaced Priorities

The Montana Democratic Party today launched “The MTGOP’s Misplaced Priorities” campaign to highlight Republican Legislators’ focus on backwards legislation that benefits their political agenda, ahead of legislation that promotes job creation or strengthens our economy. A new bill will be highlighted each day.

The first of many examples is a voter suppression bill from Rep. Derek Skees (R- Kalispell). Rep. Skees’ bill, HB 357, makes voting more difficult for Montanans to cast a ballot and make their voices heard. Rep. Skees’ bill places an unnecessary burden on voters by requiring photo ID for in-person registration and makes voters who are registering absentee to send a photocopy of their ID in along with their application.

Even Republican Secretary of State Cory Stapleton said last month that voter fraud is “not a huge issue here.” Yet, Rep. Skees would rather focus on suppressing votes than growing our economy.

Montanans deserve better.


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