Post Election: Thank you team! What did we learn?

The Yellowstone County Democrats want to extend our appreciation to everyone who worked so hard in this challenging primary and general election season. To the Democratic candidates – thank you for running. To the volunteers and staff who helped get the vote out and organize the Party efforts – thank you for your efforts. To the Yellowstone County Election Office – thank you for your work through this pandemic.

We are committed to learning and improving our work to help the lives of all Montanans. While the counting continues and some races remain undecided, the Yellowstone County Democrats are already looking for the lessons to be learned for our experiences this year, and put our imagination and determination to furthering the Party cause.

Will you please help us by filling out this feedback form? Now is the time for Democrats across Montana to rally and strengthen our community. Over the next few days and weeks, we’ll be organizing everyone’s thoughts and ideas to make a strong plan for the coming year.