Rob Quist Clear Winner of Montana Congressional Debate

Montana voters saw a clear winner during Saturday’s MTN News congressional debate. Rob Quist outlined how he would be an independent voice for hardworking Montanans and stand up for Montana values in the U.S. House of Representatives, while his opponent would just be another vote for special interests and multimillionaires like himself.

“This election is a fight for the soul of Montana,” said Rob Quist. “In Montana, you shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to hunt, fish or hike in our great outdoors. Everyone should be able to send their kids to a good school, make a good living, and retire with dignity. Montanans have a clear choice this election between someone who will stand up for our values and fight for everyday working Montanans – or my opponent, who will just be another vote for multimillionaires like himself.”  

On public lands, health care, and energy, Rob laid out how he will always put Montanans first. That includes protecting Second Amendment rights and defending a woman’s right to make her own personal health care decisions without government intrusion.

Meanwhile, Greg Gianforte stumbled to explain his investments in Russia, and didn’t address why he sued to block stream access and how he will protect Montanans’ health care while his campaign is being bankrolled by the special interests backing the disastrous D.C. health care bill.

Gianforte also dodged questions on whether he would support new tax breaks for millionaires and doubled down on defunding Planned Parenthood, which provides cancer screenings, contraception, family planning and other services to more than 15,000 Montanans every year.


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