Seeking volunteers to help protect every eligible Montanan’s right to vote

Protect the Vote with the Montana Democrats!

Montanans are already voting, and we need your help! The Montana Democratic Party is seeking volunteers to help protect every eligible Montanan’s right to vote. If you are interested in volunteering with our program either on Election Day or in the days leading up to it, please fill out this form.

Once we have your information, we will be in touch about available training times for your volunteer role!The easiest way on my end for someone to sign up for training is by going to  If you (or they) fill out that form, you’ll get a response with links for signing up for our observer trainings, and my team will track you through the process to make sure you get everything you need.  If you just want one-off info for a training instead let me know—signing up through that link just makes our lives a little easier.  

Sacha Baniel-Stark
Voter Protection Director
(406) 962-6069
[email protected]
Questions about voting?  Call or text (406) 272-4046

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Your support helps us knock more doors, answer more calls, change more minds to build a stronger community for Yellowstone County and Montana.

Activist sign with butterfly reads “change begins here” held by a gloved hand in a peaceful protest