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Vote Democrat for equal opportunity, living wages, a clean environment, affordable healthcare.

Listed below are the Democratic candidates running for election in Montana local, state and federal seats that represent residents of Yellowstone County. Learn more about your candidates and get out the VOTE!

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Volunteer Skills

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Calling, Door to Door, and Letters to the Editor

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Federal Candidates

Joe Biden


Jon Tester

US Senate

John Driscoll

Montana House District 2

Statewide Candidates

Ryan Busse & Raph Grayill

Governor & Lt. Governor

Ben Alke

State Attorney General

Jesse James Mullen

Secretary of State

John Repke

State Auditor

Shannon O'Brien

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Susan Bilo

Public Service Commissioner, Dist. 2

Erin Farris-Olsen

Clerk of the Supreme Court

State Senate Candidates

Linda Auch

Senate District 20

Sharon Stewart Peregoy

Senate District 21

Dr. Mark Nicholson

Senate District 24

Karen Lyncoln

Senate District 26

Kathleen Gilluly

Senate District 27

State House Candidates

Melissa Smith

House District No. 39

Robert Auch

House District No. 40

Sidney Fitzpatrick

House District No. 42

Alexander Clark

House District No. 43

Denise Baum

House District No. 45

Emma Kerr-Carpenter

House District 46

James Reavis

House District 47

Anne Ross

House District 48

Rudolf Haden

House District 49

Shawn Giesick

House District 50

Carole Boerner

House District 52

Ellie Kerns

House District 53

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