1) Dinner/Forum for the Primary Election Candidates for Mayor – Tuesday, July 18th. RSVP before July 8th.
2) Dinner/Forum for the General Election Candidates for Billings City Council – Tuesday, September 19th. RSVP before September 9th.
3) Dinner/Forum for the General Election Candidates for Billings Mayor – Tuesday, October 17th. RSVP before October 7th.

Separate announcements with more details will be sent out before each dinner. These dinners/forums are designed solely to educate Club members and the general public about candidates in the Billings elections so they can make an informed vote.

The dinners will be at the Billings Food Bank/Fortin Culinary Center, 2112 4th Ave. North.

The evening starts with sign in/no host reception and net working at 5:15pm.
This reception is designed to allow people to talk individually with the candidates. All candidates in the Billings elections are welcome at any of the dinners including candidates who will not be speaking, e.g., candidates for City Council are welcome at the July 18th dinner; they will be introduced but not allowed to speak.

A buffet dinner starts at 6:00pm. The menus have not been decided. There will be a vegan option. Cost $10. Pay at the door by cash or check. If you wish you can bring a bottle of your favorite beverage or wine to share with your friends. The meals are excellent. Our chef, Ashley, loves to cook.

Speeches will start at 6:30pm. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the speeches.

It is very important for people to RSVP at least 10 days before the scheduled dinner by emailing .
Please state the number of people in your party and meal preference (vegan or regular). If your RSVP is received you will receive a “Thank You” in reply.

The Yellowstone Democratic Club is NOT the Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee. The Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee is a body created by Montana Law and as such is the legal Democratic Party for Yellowstone County. By law it is composed of two Precinct Committee Persons from each Precinct in Yellowstone County. Under the law it can do certain legal acts like nominate a replacement for Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy when he resigned. In contrast the Yellowstone Democratic Club is a simple social club of Democrats and Progressives from the entire Yellowstone Basin from Gardiner to the Missouri River. Its members meet to have fun socializing and net working with fellow Democrats and Progressives and hear presentations of a political nature. The Yellowstone Democratic Club WILL NOT be endorsing any Candidate in the Billings elections; it WILL NOT be giving any campaign contribution or other direct support for any Candidate in the Billings elections.

AGAIN, TO EAT AT THE DINNER YOU MUST RSVP BY EMAILING at least 10 days before the date set for the dinner.

Paul Van Tricht, President
Yellowstone Democratic Club
Ph: 406-371-5350

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