3 Things You Can Do: Join the chat, VOTE, and meet with campaigns

You can build a stronger community, a little at a time. Here’s three things you can do this week, about taxes edition.

1: Something to Say: Join Our Volunteer Discord

This group chat helps us organize conversations on different topics, and make it easy to connect and ask questions from the volunteer group and team leaders. We had some great conversations in 2022 when we started it, so we’re ramping it up again to help everyone find the activities and issues that they’re looking for.

If you don’t already have a Discord account, sign up for Discord first (https://discordapp.com/register) then once they’re all signed in, join our server (with the button below).

Once you have a Discord account, click this link to join our space: https://discord.gg/k8XsTJRSJD

When you first check in there, please review the rules, choose your pronouns, and leave an intro for the group.

2: Something to Do: VOTE YES for Safe Schools

School election ballots are already arriving, and due back at the elections office by May 7 at 5pm.

There has been a dedicated group working every week to help get out the vote to pass the Safe School levies, that Billings School District desperately need to protect our students and combat violent crime in our neighborhoods, and we’re in the final stretch to voting day!

You can help pass comprehensive mill levies to secure our schools and keep our vulnerable youth safe when you VOTE and vote YES for both the safe schools mill levies.

Something to Join: Meet Candidates and Fellow Volunteers

If you feel like you haven’t seen this email in a hot minute, that’s because we’ve been working to help candidates get connected and their campaigns running (including my own, in the Heights!) And good news – campaigns are off and running strong already!

Join us at the Team Tester & Yellowstone Dems House Party Kickoff this Thursday on May 2 at 5:30pm to meet our legislative candidates and support staff from MDLCC and Coordinated Campaign groups. RSVP here

Also this week, join fellow democrats for coffee and conversation on Monday at at Black Dog Coffee on Poly Drive, 8:30 AM.

Check out the 3 Things calendar for times, locations and agendas of what’s going on this week. 

This is part of our weekly newsletter, “3 Things You Can Do” to help you build a stronger community through information on issues and opportunities to create connection in your neighborhood, on your own time. Each newsletter includes:

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  • Something to do: a prompt for a small gesture to get out and connect with your family, friends and neighbors
  • Something to join: opportunities to participate or lead in your local community

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