Oppose SB 302, Require partisan general elections for judges

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What: SB 302, Require partisan general elections for judges


When: Monday, February 20th @ 3pm
Where: Senate State Administration Committee -Room 335 –  Sign up to testify or submit written comment

Talking Points:

  • Allows candidates for a non-partisan race to indicate a political party affiliation on a declaration for nomination and to have that appear on the ballot

  • Judges don’t wear red robes or blue robes, they wear black robes because they are there to uphold the rule of law

  • Bills like this weaken the legitimacy of the courts – people feel like they wouldn’t get a fair shake because a judge may be pandering to a partisan base rather than making rulings according to law.

Allowing judges to declare political affiliation on the ballot only misleads the public into thinking that politics is part of the job description, when it is not.

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Feb 20 2023


3:00 pm
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