The APWU is holding a national day of action Tuesday, August 25 to ensure the timely delivery of all mail!

If you are in Helena or Billings:

BILLINGS: 2601 1ST Avenue North at 4:30pm!
HELENA: 2300 N Harris St. at 1pm!

The new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, has instituted harmful policies that have caused serious mail delays. These cuts are part of a strategy to undermine confidence in the Postal Service. DeJoy announced he would temporarily “suspend” the policy changes that are delaying the mail but simply announcing a suspension of these destructive policies is not enough.

Our demands are simple:

1. Congress must immediately pass $25 billion in COVID relief funds the Postal Service needs to continue full operations.
2. The Postal Service must permanently roll back all service cuts.
3. Restore critical equipment and staffing to protect mail delivery.
4. Work with Postal unions and advocates to restore public confidence and ensure that every mail-in ballot is properly delivered and counted.

Let’s come together at our local post offices on Tuesday to demand that Congress protect our PUBLIC postal service!


Aug 25 2020
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