Oppose HB 216: An attempt to suppress labor unions and fair employment

From the MFPE:

HB 216 (Mercer) is an illegal union-busting bill aimed at MFPE members and our right to be in a union.  It creates chaos for workers AND employers. The bill:

  • Makes employers gather union membership data for payroll every year,
  • makes employers commit an unfair labor practice by talking to employees about union membership, and
  • automatically ends your union membership every year.

This bill has been scheduled for a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee this Tuesday, January 17 at 8am, and that’s a huge problem.  Per page 37 of the House Rules, this bill is in the wrong committee.  See excerpt below.

…legislation dealing with an enumerated subject must be referred to a standing committee as follows:
Business and Labor: Alcohol regulation other than taxation… labor unions; … workers’ compensation.
State Administration: Administrative rules; … state employees; state employee benefits; … voting.

The bill is in the wrong committee.  WHY?  Because it is much more likely to pass in Judiciary than in EITHER of the two appropriate committees. Tomorrow, Monday, January 16 during the 1pm House floor session, there will be a motion to rerefer HB 216 to the appropriate committee.  Please contact your legislator and ask them to support the motion to rerefer BEFORE 1pm tomorrow (Monday).

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Call the Capitol switchboard at 406-444-4800 and leave a message for your legislator.
  2. Email your legislator (or every House Committee) using this form.
  3. Come to the Capitol before 1pm tomorrow, Monday, and ask every Representative you see to move the bill.  They’re the ones in the blue MT-shaped nametags.  You could bring a sign saying, “follow the rules.”

You can find your legislator by entering your address into this form.  Whether they follow the rules and move the bill or not, watch for an email Monday afternoon! THANK YOU for your advocacy for workers’ rights and the Montana middle class!

Talking Points

  • I live in your district
  • According to the House Rules, HB 216 does not belong in Judiciary
  • Whether you voted for the rules or not, you are bound to follow them
  • This bill belongs in Business and Labor or SAVA.
  • Following the rules of the game is a fundamental MT value!
  • Please move HB 216 to the appropriate committee.

Find my legislator: https://leg.mt.gov/map/
Send Your Legislator a Message: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/
Public Testimony: https://leg.mt.gov/public-testimony/


Jan 16 2023


1:00 pm
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