Letter from the Chair about the Steak Fry and Fundraising

Dear Friends and Democrats:

We are in a pandemic situation for Yellowstone County with more than 60% of all active Covid-19 cases centered in our local area. We will need to cancel the steak fry for August 29 and August 30 for the health and prevention of further circumstances. I pray for healing.

As you know our needs for the local candidates is great to help legislate the vast number of issues to bring forward at the state, federal and local level. The Democrat party puts forward ideals that insure our government is accountable, fights for equality, and maintains the ability for opportunity. The imagination and the work we put forward is the most powerful force in making sure our voices are heard.

I regret our inability to meet in person, shake hands, laugh and most importantly sit down and “break bread.” I want to thank the many people who have donated and given of their precious time and money to strengthen the requirements to ensure our beliefs endure. Both the Truman Dinner and the Steak Fry were our biggest fundraisers and rallies. The money was not only for the candidates but also for helping with a donation to the Democrat Headquarters in Billings.

Please consider making a contribution matching what would have been spent at a Steak Fry or a Truman Dinner. I have the confidence that our nation will rise from the aftermath of this situation.

Act Blue sign in Yellowstone County Democrats mail check to :

Yellowstone County Democrats Central Committee
PO Box 21131
Billings, Montana 59104


Ming Cabrera
Chair- Yellowstone County Democrat Central Committee


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36th Annual Harry S Truman Democratic Dinner

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