Montana Court Grants Montana Democratic Party’s Motion to Block GOP’s Voter Suppression Laws

Last week, a Montana district court judge in Billings granted a preliminary injunctiion for four voter suppression laws that Montana Republicans passed during the 2021 legislative session.

The bills are House Bill 176 – which eliminated Election Day voter registration; Senate Bill 169 – which narrowed eligible voter IDs, particularly limiting the use of student IDs; House Bill 530 – which banned certain types of ballot assistance; and House Bill 506 –  which prohibited the mailing of ballots to new voters who will be eligible to vote on Election Day, but are not yet 18.

The court granted a preliminary injunction, effectively staying these voter suppression laws for the June primary.  A trial is set for June 20th, seeking a permanent injunction .

“These four GOP bills were a blatant and cynical attack on Montanans’ constitutional right to vote, specifically impacting young voters, native voters, elderly and disabled voters, and voters who have trouble getting to the polls.” says Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party Sheila Hogan. “You cannot pick and choose who can vote in a democracy.  A win for voting rights is a win for all Montanans.”