American JOBS Plan – From Our Newsletter

The Montana Democrat Party Platform (link to the full platform here) says:

We know that it requires both government and private business to create the quality jobs necessary to sustain a healthy economy. Government at both federal and state levels is responsible for funding infrastructure, education programs, and economic growth policies that are major job creators and strengthen and diversify our private-sector economy.

The Biden administration American JOBS Plan reclaims our national focus improving and stabilizing American lives and livelihoods with funding to

  • Fix highways, rebuild bridges, upgrade ports, airports and transit systems.
  • Deliver clean drinking water, a renewed electric grid, and high-speed broadband to all Americans.
  • Build, preserve, and retrofit more than two million homes and commercial buildings, modernize our nation’s schools and child care facilities, and upgrade veterans’ hospitals and federal buildings.
  • Solidify the infrastructure of our care economy by creating jobs and raising wages and benefits for essential home care workers.

Always with an eye on how national  issues affect Montana, our Senator Jon Tester spoke about prioritizing rural infrastructure, saying “We need to rethink rural infrastructure investment and not push for one-size-fits-all regulations.”

Start a conversation

What new or improved infrastructure would have a direct impact on your day to day life? Start a conversation with your neighbors and you might find there’s a lot to agree on.

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